Hotel Orchid Country Club 4* Singapore, Here come the weddingbells

Finally my friend her big day has come.

The wedding was at a beautiful location outside of the city.
It was actually so big, that we couldn’t find the front desk, LOL.

After we finally checked in, we immediately went to our room to check it out, if this place
was so big, what would our room be like?

Well, it was a huge room for just the 2 of us.
We got 3 double beds and a terrace with a view.
The bathroom was clean and quite big, but then again, what to expect when you have 3



The hotel had 2 swimming pools, 1 Olympic and 1 smaller to relax.
They have a fitness and a sauna, but those facilities are payed though.
And of course it has a country club, so you can enjoy a 9 hole golf course.



The ceremony was in the middle of the hotel.
You have to go down the stairs to get there.
I think they didn’t have enough chairs for the guest attending.

After the ceremony, you could take place at a table and grab some food at the buffet.
I enjoyed the food, it was just a bit strange for us Europeans, we are used to take our time
and go again to fill up our plates and then after a while go for a desert.
In Asia they eat fast, it was like we didn’t look for 15min or they started dessert already.

The hotel is known as a wedding location, right next to the wedding party, there was another one.
At one point, the guests from the other wedding where passing through ours, although they tried to be quick, it was kind of awkward.
Maybe they could had have gone through another entrance?

Us Belgian people are used to party until late in the morning.
But here at the hotel, they asked us to tone it down around 2 am.
The day after we all headed for breakfast, I was so hungry I got excited to eat.
Well.. I was disappointed when I saw what they served.
It was a buffet with mainly Asian food, not that I don’t mind that, but in the morning and
especially after a night like this I wanted something more solid.

They made fresh omelets and you could toast your bread.
You had orange and apple juice but it was not fresh.
It’s not that I don’t mind the food that was provided, but for such an expensive and big hotel I expected more.

Overall, this hotel is huge and beautiful, and there is WiFi everywhere.
This place is great for weekends and weddings.
You can have a great time here swimming and golfing.
Too bad about breakfast though.

Love Debo

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