small pharmacy

When I leave I always bring a small pharmacy, you never know what can happen.
And sadly I had to use it sometimes.

You can never go wrong when you bring you’re own private pharmacy.
On most of my vacations I tend to be active and sometimes things happen.
Most common things that happen with me, are blisters on my ankle.
They can sting sometimes and ruin my day if didn’t had bandages!

I also have a pocket nail clipper with me and a pincer, they do come in handy.
Bug spray! I don’t know why but when I’m abroad, Mosquito bites seem bigger then when I’m at home, I also have a big anxiety of cockroaches. Just that word alone give me the

Something against headache, not to heavy.
Since my last visit to the Philippines, I experienced an allergic reaction on my face.
My whole right side was swollen from my eyes up to my ears, I never had this before.
I think it was something I ate, my hubby had it too, but on his lips, he’s convinced that it
was from the sun. I guess we’ll never know.
I was lucky he had pills against allergic reaction, after 2 days it was gone.
Thank god for sunglasses.
So since then I bring anti allergic pills.


And of course I have pills against diarrhea, but I think this is a standard thing to bring?
Those things don’t take a lot space and if ever something happens, you’ll be so happy that
u brought it along!

Love Debo




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