Here is my top 5 must see in Singapore

Singapore has been wonderful and I will visit it again and not only because my friend lives
there ;-).
There is so much to see and to do, here is my top 5.

Pulau Ubin
I really loved Pulau Ubin. The island is totally different from the city, its peaceful and quiet.
And not far away.

China town
You definitely need to see China town. You can easily wander around or go souvenir shopping.
And while you are there you should visit Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum.
Out of respect we asked if it was allowed to take pictures and in some parts of the building
it was, in other parts it wasn’t, due to being holy places or people praying.
On top there is a small Chinese garden you wouldn’t expect that because we where right in
the centre of Singapore, Just amazing.


Hike to the tree top hills.
It’s fun to do with friends, because once up there, you have an amazing view!
Be aware that this takes half a day, so bring enough water and snacks!


Marina bay garden
Visit Marina bay garden and then go have a drink at Marina bay rooftop bar, Cé la vie.
Make sure you’re dressed up or you can’t get in.


Little India
I didn’t mention this in my former blog but, if you’re in to culture, then you should visit Little India.
The market is so colourful and in a way bombastic.
The food is awesome and spicy but not that expensive.
While you are there, you should definitely visit a temple.
Like in China town we asked promition to take a picture, make sure to take of your shoes when you enter.

Love Deborah



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