A little adventure in Singapore

In need of mother nature?

A Tree top walk
Then you should defenetly visit MacRitchie Reservoir.
MacRitchie Reservoir is part of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve Right in the heart of
We took the MRT, from there it was a 10 min walk to Venus Drive off upper Thomason
Road, the starting point of a long hot walk.


I know this place but with a different name, the tree top walk.
Why is it called that way? the point of this walk is that you go on to a bridge between the
tops of the trees.

The bridge is 250m long and gives a an amazing bird eye view of the forest, although that
this is in the heart of Singapore, not a single building is visible from here, only mother
The view op here was really stunning.

But before we got there we need to do a ‘small workout’.
The walk in total is about 8 Km long, that doesn’t seem that long but remember that there is
small catch.
It’s a 4 Km up hill with patches of uneven, undulating terrain plus it’s really hot!
before you go on the bridge you can refresh yourself at the Rangers station where you can
find drinking water and toilets.

Oh yeah there are wild monkey’s up there so watch out, they seem friendly and they are
used to tourist, so not afraid at all. They even can become frank if you get too close.
If you see the monkey’s: hide youre food as they tend to steel them if they can.
It’s actually kind of scary because they have more strength then I could image.
Especially because the monkeys aren’t that big.
Bring enough water and bug spray, believe me you will need both of them!
Get there on time because the gate closes at 5pm.
And the best part about this place, it’s for free!!

The zoo
The next place is Singapore’s zoo,
The zoo occupies about 28 hectares that’s really large.
Animals are kept in spacious, landscaped enclosures separated from the visitors.
Just like in Valencia the zoo they ‘display’ the animals in naturalistic open exhibit with
hidden barriers, like moat, glass and tree’s with electrics.



Because of the success of this zoo they could expanded it.
40 hectares forest were later developed into to the night safari, but we didn’t do this.
The twins did this once but they didn’t find it that spectacular, I think I can image why.
Here you can find all sorts of animals, you kind of need a whole afternoon if you want to
see everything.

small twist in this story, I just told you that the animals are safe behind a univisalbe
barrier but the monkeys, yes again with the monkeys LOL, some of the smaller and les
dangerous monkeys are in some area’s free among the visitors, we had a good laugh

For both trips you will need plenty of water, food and snack.
Buy youre entrance ticket for the zoo online, it saves you couple of bucks.
And were easy shoe’s

Love Debo

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