Exploring Singapore city by night

So we were with a group of friends for the wedding, that means having fun on our holiday!
It’s always nice to be surrounded by people you love and sharing a great experience

Drinks @ Clarke Quay
On the first evening we all met at Clarke Quay.
This is thé hot spot to get a drink, have dinner or go dancing, it’s located near the river
Most tourists come here to enjoy themselves.
The architecture is amazing,  there are over 5 different concepts in 1 block.
It’s covered like an Arena.
this is not the only place to hang out, there are other places near by to go out. So don’t
Because Clarke Quay is a touristic place, everything here tends to be more expensive than
other places, it is one of the places you must have see when you first visit Singapore.


Glamorous Marina Bay
If you want to hang out at a more luxurious place, Marina Bay is the place to be.
First things first, if you want to have drink upstairs up on roof you need to be dressed up a
bit, it’s Marina Bay’s house rules. The name of the rooftop bar is Cé La Vie and previously,
maybe better known, Ku De Ta.
If you just want to see the view u need to pay an entrance fee, but then you don’t need to
be dressed up.


Marina Bay is the in first place a hotel with an amazing infinity pool.
Ok…Imagine yourself swimming in the world’s largest rooftop pool, gazing down the city
skyline from 57 levels.
I’m sad to say that you can’t go swimming here if your not staying at the hotel. Maybe
next time, you never know.


Right before we visited Marina Bay Sand’s rooftop bar we went to Marina Bay Garden.
In the evening the metal trees light up, it’s like your walking true a SF movie, like Avatar.
That evening they played a light show, like every light show this a pretty cool thing
especially the effect it gives on the ‘trees’.
You can also do the tree top walk between these metal giants for a small price.
But before we could do that, we had to stand in line for about 30 min.
The people who manage the walk organised it very wel, you can only walk up there for
maybe 15 min if it isn’t too crowed.

China town
But most evenings we end up in china town.
here you just go have sit in a cafe outside and enjoy the crowd wandering around for a nice
No worries more about china town  on the next blog.

We actually did alot in 10 days, while writing all this down I realized that I am lucky that
we could experience all of this, I think I wouldn’t have seen half of it alone, knowing locals
or people who know the place is a big plus.

Love Debo


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