A small get away from the city, Singapore

Let’s go Island hopping.

A small get-away from busy Singapore.

After of couple days of the big city life we wanted to relax and enjoy, so we headed out to
the beach.
Sentosa is the name of the island where the beach is located, It is a man made island.
The island has a lot to offer for tourists: You can find Adventure cove waterpark, Fort
Siloso Sky Walk, S.E.A Aquarium and so much more.
To get there you will need to take the MRT to Harbourfront station, located on the top floor
of Vivo City ( another one of Singapore’s large shoppingmalls.)
There you will be directed with signs to Sentosa.
Once up you can take a the sentosa express to your destination.
For us that was Siloso beach.


Man Made Island Sentosa
It’s amazing to see how this island was man made.
behind the smaller islands you can see a lot of vessels because Singapore is an
harbour/port city.
we just chilled and relax at Wavehouse during the whole day.

On sentosa they organise some great big festivals so if you’re lucky, you might get the
change to check these out.
Meetings & Events*


Pulau Ubin Island
Sentosa was fun and recreational, however it wasn’t the only island we visited.
Pulau Ubin also called Ubin island is a small island  nort east of Singapore.
How did I get there?
We left from the center of the city and then took a bus to Changi Jetty.
Then about a 10 min walk behind a small market you will find Changi Point Ferry
From here you can leave to other islands too, so make sure you take the right boat to Pulau
The cost of the boat is about $ 3 p.p. and the boat needs to be full, they don’t have a fix time schedule.


After cycling around the island we stopped at a mangrove, There you can walk around and
visit a kind of a watchtower that has a view over half the island.


one of our last stop was Chek Jawa, here you will find an information house / bathroom ;-).
It is also here that you can walk up the seawall, sit and enjoy the view of the main land.

Pulau Ubin is an amazing island with some wild life animals.
You can find unique birds, wild boars and some monkeys.
So if you do find the time and you have and adventurous mind, Pulau Ubin is worth

Love Debo

*Link to check out what’s going on


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