City exploring in Singapore

One of my oldest friend just got married and we were invited!

One of my oldest friend who used to live in Belgium moved to Singapore with her fiancee.
Finally they announced that they would get married in Singapore and we were invited.

October 17 was theire wedding date, but we all Arrived  10 days earlier to explore the
The Bride to be and her sister ( whom are twins), were our guides during our stay.

For a small country like Singapore, I was positively surprised with how much there is to see.
The first couple of days we went city exploring on foot and by MRT* ( metro ).

Hop on Hop off
One of our first stops was Bugis Junction or in short Bugis.
Bugis is Singapore’s version of Hong Kong’s Iconic Mong
Kok area but way smaller.
Also known as a market, half open area.
This place is fun for souvenir shopping and wandering

Our friends said that we were lucky that it wasn’t so crowed, normally this place is like an
anthill of people.


When the twins said that we should visit Raffle hotels, one of my first thought was, “Why
a hotel”?
It turns out that this building has a lot of history.
Starting out as a beach house then a boarding house and for a long period as a museum.
It has a relaxed scenery and walking through it I could sense that this was once a luxurious
The hotel was named by the founder of Singapore, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.



Couple of streets further you can find Chijmes chapel.
This is located near the business district
The Chapel has been restored for commercial purposes, you can have dinner or just have a
drink in this romantic place.
If you want you can have your wedding here but there is nice price tag. The bride to be
asked about this place and let’s just say it’s not going to be here.
Chijmes is kind of special for us Belgian tourist, because as it seemed that  the glass
window was made in Bruges.


MRT vs by foot?
Al though we took the MRT pretty often, the places aren’t that far apart to go on foot.
But because of the heat, we rather enjoyed the airco inside.
Although sometimes it tends to get too cold, we Belgians always have to complain about
something, don’t we?

On our way to Merlion park, we stopped at Theater Esplanade.
We went inside to go straight away up to the roof terrace and what a view that was.
You could see Merlion park and everything along Marina bay.
We didn’t looked in the theater it self but I can’t remember why, maybe because
something was going on or maybe because we were all to dazzled by the view we enjoyed.


Then finally we reached the famous Merlion park.
This place is located right behind the business district.
Besides the statue and right across it an amazing view, there isn’t that much to see here.
But if you are in Singapore, you need to see this statue as it is the countries figurehead.

What I did notice the first days is, that Singapore is an expensive country.
And that most things that I have seen up till now are free, that’s a great balance right?

Love Debo*Link of the MRT map


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