My top 5 things to see in Madrid

Here is my top 5 things to see in Madrid

Plaza Mayor
This popular city square is enclosed by buildings with 9 entrance archways.
It’s surrounded by cafes and restaurants, a tourist office and its centerpiece is a statue of
King Philip the 3rd on a horse.
This place is nice to have dinner, the way that it’s surrounded makes it special.

Royal palace of Madrid.
The Palacio Real de Madrid is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family at the city.
But it’s only used for state ceremonies.
Although we didn’t go inside, it’s still an amazing view.
On the edge of a cliff right next to the Palace, you can see the ‘old city’.
And right behind it, you have the Royal Garden.


Santiago Bernabeu stadium.
If you are in Madrid you should visit this place.
Even when you’re not a sports fan, this is a part of their history.

El Retiro Park
This is a large park and popular park at the edge of the city center, maybe a 10 min walk.
A Beautiful park, filled with sculpture,monuments and a lake were you can rent a kayak
The park is surrounded by present day – city.



Telererico cable car

The 2.5km journey takes you in to depths of the Casa de Campo.
At the other side you can relax, have drinks and enjoy maybe the best panoramic view of

Love Deborah



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