Sweet Otel Valencia

We left Sweet Otel with mixed feelings

We decided to book this guest house for the following reason we read online.
Sweet otel is set in a charming building, it has a great setting in Valencia’s old town,
within a 5 min walk of Turia gardens.
The pictures were so romantic, it looked like a boutique hotel.
So we thought: why the hell not.

Well the location is great!
It’s located in a small and quite street, this is kind of romantic but we almost walked
passed the building.
It’s less then a 10 min walk to Plaza de la Reina and less then 5 min to Turia gardens.
We where informed that the reception is open from 9 to 5 (ish) pm.
We arrived later, so they gave us instructions how to get our key, they were clear, so that
was easy.
Our first impression was that this building was old but romantic.
Once in our room we kind of had mixed feelings about it.
This hotel is more for couples and that’s great of course,but the shower was right next to
our bed, this was OK, a nice design but too close to our bed.
We had to watch out that we didn’t get our bed wet, we didn’t think that this was so


We didn’t have breakfast included and I’m happy about that, when we saw what they
served and we weren’t that exited about it.
We ventured into town for breakfast with a lot of choice at great places.
We really missed a refrigerator in our room for drinks or snacks!

The weather was hot at that time but the air-co worked just fine!

We had a small balcony but I can’t say we had a nice view, the space across our hotel was
abandon with only garbage and an old car.

We experienced  2 black outs, one while we were sleeping.
Suddenly the emergency light came on so our room was fully lighted, so we couldn’t sleep
so good anymore, we did fall a sleep again but it took a couple of hours until the power
came back.
The other time we were out and just came back, our key card didn’t work.
We saw that the emergency lights were on again, so we called a number and they said they
didn’t had a problem. I was getting nervous because it felt like they thought I wasn’t
putting enough effort into it.
After 3 times that we called to make them clear that this was a black out, somebody came
and checked it out.
Finally, we could go back inside, it took more than 1 hour to make them understand, and
again it took half an hour before the power went back on.

The receptionists were friendly, they printed out our airplane ticket and helped us were needed.
Like I said we had mixed feelings, because the location was really good and the price
But no refrigerator and to convince them that there was a black out, was for me not done.

Love Debo

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