Beginner tip

Here are some tips that you might over look in some cases.
Look like a local
Try not to look like a typical tourist, that’s the most easiest way to get ripped off by vendors.

Don’t bring too much
Some fashionista’s are not going to like it,  but try to avoid extra  kg’s in your luggage.
Bring you’re best pieces and easy, but fashionable shoe’s. You can always wash in the
hotel or in a washing saloons near by.

Don’t spend money on unnecessary stuff, you don’t have to go shopping on the way. If
you do want to bring souvenirs, then do this when your on the way back or on the last day.

Try to take night flights
If possible take night flights, That’s one way to save money for hotels. Me personally,
I don’t like night flight because I can’t sleep in a plane, but it feels like I’m not losing any

Food incl
Try to choose flight with food included. Eating at a terminal is expensive and most of the
time it’s junk food and not even tasty.

Check & double-check!
Before you leave, make sure to check if you’re ID and traveling passport, and double
check if you need a visum. It can take a month to get a visum for some countries. In most
countries you’re ID needs to be valid for at least 6 months or they can refuse access in
certain countries.

Make sure you have the proper shot’s. Hepatitis b, yellow fever etc…

Bring your partner 
Don’t be afraid to bring your partner, even if you’re not long together. Traveling is one of
the best ways to get to know each other. Our first trip together was when we were 3
months together 😉

Love Deborah

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