Valencia city break part 2

Half way through our holiday we needed a break from the city.
Oh yes, beach time for us.


You can easily get there by taking the metro or by bus.
It stops right in front of the boulevard.
Near the boulevard you can buy souvenirs and snacks.

Beach time
The beach is long and wide and the sand is dark, that means that the sea is not clear.
There are no palm trees but you can rent an umbrella and a lounge chair at the beach.
We noticed that there are some advertisements for parties near the boulevard, and we wanted to check them out.


We ended up in Ani plus, this place is located in the beginning of the boulevard.
This was an open air roof party with a lounge bar on the side and a big dance floor.
Because it was a roof party, you had an amazing view of the beach.


Bio Parc Valencia
At the end of our holiday, we decided to go to a zoo.
Bio Parc Valencia, is a zoo that consists of immersing visitors into the animals habitat and not vice versa.


We enjoyed these concepts because they don’t use traditional railings and cages that are common in many zoo’s, they use rivers, ponds, streams and rocks to separate them from visitors.

20160510_135415 20160510_135216

Valencia stadium Mestalla
We also saw the outside of Valencia stadium Mestalla.
Why the outside only?
We wanted to take the tour but it was with a tour guide with specific hours and we prefer to
take our time.


Valencia is a great city!
You can visit the city with children or with friends.
There so much to do for young and old.

Love Debo

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