Valencia city break part 1

We only had one week vacation and that’s too long for a city trip, but too short for a beach holiday.
We wanted something that we could combine.

Old city meets the new city
So we decided to go to Valencia.
The old city meets The new city, and the city meets the beach.
What more do you need?
After we checked in, we immediately went out to have dinner and explore the city.
There is something charming about these streets, they are narrow but full with
restaurants and cafe’s.


Every time we went in to a small street, we always end up somewhere else than we thought.
We got a bit disoriented.
But after a while you start to get the hang of it.

Dessert time
After dinner we wanted dessert, so on the square Plaza de la Reina, there was this ice
cream stand, Gelateria Ilinares, with a lot of people and I wanted to know why.
So I went to take a look and I felt like a kid again.
From vanilla and mokka flavor to wodka and salmon flavor this was so cool, we never
tasted this before.
According to trip advisor they sell the best Ice cream in Valencia.


Old city
I noticed a lot of batman logo’s everywhere and I wondered why.
Like I mentioned in my former blog, my boyfriend is a football fan and he explained to me, that the football team of Valencia has a logo with a bat in it. hooray for the boyfriend.
And the Valencian flag contains bats in it too ;-).

snapchat-5291543506727747519 20160507_162139

In the next couple days we did some city exploring by foot.
First we went to Mercado Central, This is a covered market.
The market offers mostly food, one part meat and fish.
The other part fruit, veggies and seasoning.


Then we walked true the town hall square and went straight, we ended up at a train
But Right next to the Train station is Plaza de Toros de Valencia.
Or in simple words bull fighting arena.
This was fun to do, inside you have a small museum en after that you can sit outside in the
arena and enjoy the view.

The new city
The next day we went to the other side of the city.
We went by foot through the Jardin del Tura or the Turia garden.
The Turia garden is one of the largest urban parks in Spain.
This place is perfect for runners or family pick nicks.
After a 1 hour walk we finally got to our destination (next time we will  go by the metro or
bus LOL) City of Arts and Sciences.

snapchat-2766326204784919189 20150825_150038

Here you will find amazing buildings that serve as an Aquarium, cinema, museum and
open garden. we didn’t go inside due to the lace of time.
We did enjoy the view in the open garden, The buildings have become icons in the city.
The ‘new’ city is great for families.

Love Deborah

20150825_120707 snapchat-4657525461821939929

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