Charming Petit Palace Alcala Torre hotel 3*, Madrid

We asked around before we booked this hotel, because this was my first trip with my hubby and we wanted to be comfortable.

Luckily my colleague is Spanish and he confirmed that this hotel is good value for our
money, and that this is very good location.
Our room was dark but intimate, while our bathroom was light and bright.
It wasn’t a big room but good enough for the 2 of us.
And of course we had WiFi in our room.
I liked the bathroom, it wasn’t too big and yet not too small.

habitacion-doble-petit-palace-cliper_1 hotel-petit-palace-alcal-torre-248057-2099470584-m

Our hotel was just around the corner of the square Puerta del Sol.
Less than a 5 min walk, so far enough from the busy crowd.
There was a metro stop near by.


We had breakfast included, because no breakfast means grumpy people.
We had an amazing view while having breakfast .
We really took our time to drink and eat while watching Madrid come to live.


The people who worked here were really friendly, they took our luggage in storage on the last day, because our flight was in the late afternoon.
Overall I can recommend this hotel and I was happy that we stayed here.
The price, quality and location are to my opinion excellent.

Love Debo


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