Hala Madrid

My Hubby is a big sports fan and while we where in Madrid it was Champions League.
I remember it was Real Madrid vs Juventis.
But it was also basketball Real Madrid vs Olympiakos.

So I told you that our hotel is right behind the corner of Puerta del Sol, wel it turns out that
this is also a meeting point when rivals of Madrid come to visit.

Meeting point competition
At that point it was semi – finals against Madrid.
The vibe was amazing! The Square was full
I never experienced this kind of loyalty for sport.
For me this was all new.


Even in the shopping streets people were chanting and singing for their teams Juventus.
We didn’t had tickets because it was sold out and I think it would be to much for me.
But like I mentioned, my boyfriend is a big fan but I mean big sports fan.
So while we had dinner we watched the game.
They played it everywhere, from pubs, cafe’s to restaurants.
Everybody was so in to the game, even I was focused.
Eventual they played a tie.

Santiago Bernabeu
You figured I couldn’t say no when my boyfriend asked if we would visit Santiago Bernabeu
football stadium.
This stadium is home for Real Madrid.
You can go there by metro, it took us about 20 min its really easy.

2015-05-16-10-52-01 20150514_153854

On the last day we found out it was the final 4 basketball game.
They cleared the square near the Royal Palace and they made it in one big event.
2 on 2 players, free shots, music and more.
We were lucky to had so many activities during our stay.

PS: We wanted to see Vicente Calderon stadium, Home for Atletico Madrid, but we didn’t had enough time. They say that Athletic is the team of the working class.

2015-05-16-11-00-23 2015-05-16-11-02-14

Love Debo

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