Madrid my favorite city in Spain



Madrid is the first city trip I did with my boyfriend and it was amazing!
I fell in love with this city.

The city
Madrid is a city of great monuments. Among its highlights are the medieval center dating back to the Hapsburg Empire and the Prado Museum. But that’s a different story.

It’s not just a cultural destination, buts it is also a lively metropolis with many pubs, cafes and nightclubs.
I was surprised with what the city has to offer.
We went for a long weekend during the month may, while it was Champions League. The weather was just warm enough to walk around with a top or t-shirt during the day and a sweater in the evening.
I had no clue what to expect in Madrid or what we wanted to see, so we just walked and see where we’d end up.
It turned out that our hotel was right behind the corner of the square Puerta del sol.
Puerta del sol (Gate of the sun ) is one of the busiest places in Madrid.
When the evening falls and the warmth faded away, all types of street artist came alive.

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Shopping and drinks
Then we ended up in Calle del Carmen, the shopping street.
And of course I was a happy girl because I didn’t have to go too far.
At the end of the street you will find an other square, Plaza del Callao, this is connected to Gran Via street.
Gran via is known for the street that never sleeps or also called the Spanish Broadway.
Here you will find some upper scale shops (resulting in me becoming even a happier girl).
As we where walking and enjoying the view, we ended up in La latina.
This area is kind of known for gay people, this area is charming.
It’s small and cozy, you can find hair dressers and urban cafe’s.
My boyfriend was a lucky man during our walk, LOL.

snapchat-7146974922694243074 snapchat-5721906751592407622 snapchat-6474831263449403927
The next day we decided to walk the other side of Puerta del sol and we ended up in Plaza Mayor.
This square is surrounded by residential buildings having 237 balconies facing the square.
We had lunch here and what do you eat when you’re in Spain? Tapas of course.
Because the temperature was getting warmer they put on some kind of water mist to cool us down.
We noticed that Madrid was not that expensive to go out and have dinner or drinks.

In the evening we ended up in a pub and watched football (soccer), it was Champions League so all bars, cafe’s and pubs where full. But I’ll tell you about that in an other blog that will come up next.
On the third day we looked up what we really didn’t want to miss out on.
But I just wanted it do it one way, so we wanted to take the Metro to Casa de Campo park.
And of course, because of me, we missed our stop and ended up on the other side of Campo park.So we walked all the way to the up to the cable ride and finally we could see Madrid from the other side.
So we went to see the Royal Palace, it has an amazing view of the old city.
I saw that we could do a cable ride (el Teleferico) and I really wanted to do this as I wanted to see Madrid from a different view.
This starts on the Paseo del Pintor Rosales street near the Arguelles Metro, and takes you over the River Manzanares and into Casa de Campo park.

20150515_102820 20150513_161829

The last day
On our last day we didn’t had enough time to explore more because our flight was in the late afternoon. So we left in the morning to come back in the afternoon to get our luggage.
But this time we took a different corner, we ended up in Buen Retiro Park.
This was a 10 to 15 min walk from out hotel.
Buen Retiro Park ( Park of the Pleasant Retreat ) is one of the largest parks in the city.
It’s a beautiful park filled with sculpture and monuments, galleries and a lake.
Around the lake, Ritiro pond many puppet shows perform and all sort of street performers and fortune tellers.
People often come and have picnics or go for a run.


Madrid is an easy city to go around.
The metro is pretty easy and if you are fit, you can do almost everything on foot.

Love Debo


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