Crosswinds Resort Suites 3* hotel, Tagaytay

Our last stop was in a hotel in Tagaytay.
Crosswinds Resort Suites this is a 3* hotel.

We arrived really late due delays with our flight so didn’t had a clear view when we arrived.
The next morning we where quiet surprised with the theme of this hotel.
It was like you where in Switzerland! this place was really big.
You needed a shuttle services to get to the pool or even when you needed to get out of the resort.


If you do wanted to go by foot be aware that the hotel is located on hills so the road is very
Of course this was a free service but not really comfortable because we are not alone that
needed the shuttle services, so sometimes we had to wait.

Our room was simple but spacious, the bed was a bit small so we slept in separate beds we
didn’t mind that.


what disturbed me a lot was that we could hear everything in the hallway.
In the morning they play music in the hall, that actually woke me up once.
We had loud neighbors so we asked the receptionist to do something about that and they
But of course they knew that we asked them to be quiet and they weren’t happy about


We had a WiFi router in the room but it didn’t work half the time, breakfast is always in the room, only on a Sunday there is an open buffet.
Its sad to say but I have to be honest we didn’t like this hotel.
we payed way to much for what its worth, but we enjoyed our self in the best possible way.

Love Deborah

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