From Manilla to Tagaytay

Our last stop was supposed to be to the family.
But our urge to see more was stronger.
No worries we saw them the first couple days when we arrived.


Mild Climate
So from Manila (airport) to Tagaytay is about 2 hours it depends on traffic.
This place is a popular destination during the weekend for residents of Metro Manila.
This because of its mild climate and dramatic scenery,
By mild climate I mean couple degree’s less. Locals say that this is cold but believe me this
is still hot during the day. When night falls then it’s a bit chill, I suggest to bring a light
sweater during the night.
What so great about this place besides the mild climate during the summer?
Tagaytay is covered by hills and mountains.
The city nearby is crowed and a bit expensive to my surprise, I didn’t like it so much.
But no worries there is something good about this place, some restaurants are on the edge
of a hill.
That means that you got an amazing view of Taal Volcano Island.

What to do in Tagaytay
All tourist attractions are about Taal Volcano,
Just like picnic Grove, this is the most visited park in Tagaytay.
There is a small entrance fee. Once inside, you can have lunch, you can order or bring your
own food. This place has an amazing view but on the down side you have to pay to get a hut
to eat on.

1374208472_9c2538ddb6 1tagaytay_picnic4

Then there is People’s Park, this a nice park to chill and relax.
This is Ferdinand Marcos (president 1965- 1986) unfinished summer home or what’s left
of it.
The unfinished building is ugly for my taste but when I turned around, what a view!
You can see Batangas Laguna, Manila and of course Taal Volcano.
PS: don’t forget to pay the entrance fee 😉

arrival fixedw_large_4x

Taal Volcano Island the main attraction here.
It’s the second most active Volcano in the Philippines, but the smallest in the world.
Taal Volcano is an Island within a lake within an Island, can you still follow? LOL.
You can get there by boat, once there the guide leads you up hill.
You have the choice to go on a horse or go by foot.
We choose to go on foot, the horses looked sweaty and skinny.
I’m an animal lover so out of protest we firmly said no, don’t be surprised if vendors keep
pushing to get you on a horse.
The walk was so hot but not that long, but because of the heat we had to stop once or
Make sure you bring enough water! There are vendors that sell drinks but no surprise that
it’s expensive. We froze our water the night before and we were so happy we did that.
When you finally arrive on top of the volcano, you can just sit back relax and enjoy the

20160312_103608 snapchat-9097122717050464735 20160312_114605

Great weekend get a way
Tagaytay is good for a weekend, that’s what local people do and to be honest there isn’t
much to do here or see here. Yes there is more than what I mentioned above but, you could
see them all in a weekend ;-).

Love Debo

snapchat-455189534063521485 20160311_180947


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