Top 4 Beaches in Boracay

I love the beach especially if the water is Crystal clear.
The 2 main and largest beaches in Boracay are White Beach in the west and Bulabog Beach in the east.

Bulabog beach
Like I mentioned in my former blog, we stayed at Bulabog Beach.
This side of the beach is popular with kite boarding and windsurfing freaks.
I don’t recommend swimming here this is kind of the windy side, that’s why this is the
perfect place for windsurfing ;-).
What I do like on this beach is that is not crowed  (at the time we, this was in march)
and quit.
Perfect  for long romantic walk.

snapchat-559977573222282322 snapchat-3946075755962193206

White beach, station 1, 2 and 3
Meanwhile visitors at  famous White Beach finding it excellent conditions for swimming
and snorkeling in shallow water.
The beach is divided in 3 stations.
Stations 2, this is place is the heart of White Beach you can find restaurant, shopping and
entertainment here. This station is home to D’Mall.
Station 1, is considered to be the upscale section of Boracay.
Here is where you will find most of the High end hotels. This part of the beach is where
you will find Willy’s Rock
Station 3, The last section is quietest part of White Beach.
The footpath traffic and tourist is less than the other stations.


In love with Puka beach
Yapak Beach or Puka Shell Beach this is the 3rd largest beach.
you can get there with a tricycle.
This beach is known for its shells that you can find on the beach.
There are small native restaurants and some small shop at the beach front.
Puka Beach has an amazing sunset view!
I LOVED this place isn’t crowed but more intimate.


Little Iligan beach
Now Ilig Iligan Beach is a hidden gem, the sad part is you can’t get there that easy.
We found this place while we where in the buggy, this is on their road I suppose.
We didn’t saw any other tourist here, only tourist who are doing this tour.
I think if this wasn’t for this attraction we would have come more often.

snapchat-1933690310949617200 20160308_170718

There ware more beaches of course but they where harder to reach and these where privet
beaches from hotels. If they see you and you are not staying in the hotel then you need to
leave the beach.

My favorite beach was Yapak Beach, although this was not powdery white it was still
beautiful and such a relaxed atmosphere. White Beach is pretty to but too crowed for us.


Love Debo


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