Thing to do in Boracay, Philippines

My first thought was, What am I going to do here beside chilling at the beach?

Tourists everywhere
Before we came on the Island, we where aware that this Island would be crowed with
Boracay is famous for its white beaches and parties, they say it’s the Ibiza of Philippines.

Allergic reaction = out of the sun activity
But we had 1 problem…
We, my boyfriend and I had an allergic reaction from something we eat in Bohol.
My boyfriend had it worse than me, he had a swollen lip that was feeling like it was going
to burst and I had a swollen face. We visited a doctor in Boracay.
He said we shouldn’t be exposed to the sun so much until the swelling was in control.
That means, no chilling in the sun whole day! We where so bummed about this but our
health comes first.

snapchat-7649522001671608901 img-20160305-wa0000

Let’s be active!
After we had lunch we talked about what we should do now that we can’t do a lot because
everything is in the sun.
One of the things I wanted to do was visit Mount Luho.
So the next morning we left for Mount Luho, you can get there with a tricycle. Make sure
you ask what it will cost before you get in.
It was about a 20 min drive to the top.
This is the highest point of the Island, once there you have a view of the whole Island.
We did this in the morning to avoid the midday sun.
On the way back to our hotel we noticed a small hostel that also arranges activities.
I keep forgetting to right down the names, but I promise the next time when I’m traveling
I’ll remember them and  share this with you. I even tried looking this up but I can’t find it
at the moment.
This place is near Bulabog beach.
Outside they where picture of their activities, inside you get a book with explanation and
price ratings. The nice thing about this place is you can relax while you take a look in the
book, no vendors pushing you for an activity. We choose 2 things one for in the afternoon
and one for the next day.

20160308_171333 20160309_134447 20160309_133947

So after our lunch we decided to go Shooting, yes with real guns.
This was fun!
Before you go in the guide will explain some rules
Once in, they show you step by step how to handle the gun.
So after our lunch we decided to go Shooting, yes with real guns.
This was fun!
Before you go in the guide will explain some rules
Once in, they show you step by step how to handle the gun.
The next day his lips and my face wasn’t to bad anymore, so we took a chance and chilled
at white beach in the morning.
In the afternoon we head out for our next activity. Buggy ride.
there are 2 companies on the Island that offer ATV/ Buggy ride.
1 on the road, then you drive to Mount Luho but because this is up hill its kind of boring.
Ok on the way down its more fun but still slow because of the speed curves.
And 1 of road, this is was more fun for us.
It was not really fast but still excited though, there was 1 stop near the beach. Ilig Iligan
So quiet and beautiful.

20160309_110510 20160308_170718 20160308_165422

If you want more..
There are more thing that you can do here, like Island hopping, paddle boarding, snorkeling etc..
All things in the sun of course, so we couldn’t really enjoy stuff like that.
But no worries on the third day we felt much more comfortable and we could finally explore the beaches that Boracay has to offer.

Love Deborah

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