Boracay Island, Philippines

The Bounty island Boracay.
Boracay is an Island in the Philippines, the Island is famous for its white beaches.


2012 world’s second best beach
In 2012 the Philippines Department of Tourism reported that Boracay had been named the
world’s second beach after Turks and Caicos Island.
We stayed in a hotel at Bulabog beach, this is a quit side of the island.
Bulabog beach is a great place for kiting or wind surfing, I would not really recommend
swimming here because it’s quite windy and more waves. It’s only a 5 min walk from the
famous D-mall and 10 min form White beach.

20160308_142013 snapchat-3785472085845164344

Famous D-mall
I thought that D-mall was a closed mall like a normal one so I did not understand what the
fuss was about. It turns out that D-mall is an open ‘mall’.
D-mall has small souvenir shops, pharmacies, groceries, cafes and restaurant.
I would not suggest to eat there the prices are on the high side.

dmall 1

Try to eat and drink like a local
If you walk near the beach or the busy street u should stroll down some sideways.
You can eat or drink super cheap and local.
One time we found a small dining place it’s on a street near the lace (it’s really small man
made lake) across D-mall and they severed 500ml beer just for 50pessos!
Sorry I forgot the name of the place but there are more places just like that.
My first thought was, there is nothing to active to do on this island but go to the beach and
Well I was wrong, there are activities here but just keep in mind that this is a small island.

Cocktails for 2 please
We didn’t go out here, we only had few drinks so I can’t really say a lot about the night life
In the evening everybody goes to the beach and have drinks, the one is louder than the
other but you can expect that. Around 11 pm some clubs are starting to open and some of
them offer 1 free drink, once it gets later and clubs get fuller, the beach is starting to be the
dance floor, but only the ‘crowed’ clubs. The later it gets the more ladies of pleasure you
can find.

This is all fun and games but in the evening you can cleary see the poverty that some locals
struggle with. Children sleeping on the side with a cup and a t shirt covering there face
because they are trying to sleep. It broke my heart seeing that.

Love Deborah

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