Sun kissed hair by Schwarzkopf and Yves Rocher

I’m blessed with long strong hair.
I’m really lucky, because the way I treat my hair sometimes, with coloring, whole day in
the sun and blow drying.

Well I am happily surprised that my hair dresser said that my hair is healthy!
I don’t just wash my hair, I use conditioner and a mask once in a while.
I like to believe that I take care of my hair.

For example, when I travel, I have 2 products with me that I use on a daily base.
I use spray while out in the sun and cream when my hair is still a bit wet after taking a shower.

Sun peau Parfait
The spray I’m using now is Sun peau Parfait SPF 15 from yves rocher.
This is an oil based spray for hair and body but I only use it for my hair ends,
because those are the most fragile parts.


What does it promise?
The skin is protected against UVA, UVB radiation and sunburn.
The skin is directly dehydrated, feels smooth and smells delicious.
+point: Melting oil formula nourished the skin and makes it radiant and soft.

What did I experience?
Because this is a new product for me, I tested it out on my legs, but I bought this especially
for my hair.
The oil melts easily and it’s not so sticky, to me that’s a + point.
My legs feel soft and are shining but not in a overdone way.

I use this daily when I’m on holiday, I spray this in my hands and then comb this through
my hair.
My hair is shiny and protected, and yes, this does smell good.

Ultime Omega Repair
The other product is from Schwarzkopf essence Ultime Omega Repair
I use this every time after a shower.
This a cream.


What does it promise?
Omega Repair repairs damaged hair in the cells and prevents split ends up to 90%.
A unique combination of pearl essence and refined proteins.

What did I experience?
During my travels I tend to take a shower everyday, because I’m pretty active.
That means I’ve been sweating or swimming in salt or chlorine water. (during winter I may
wear a hat or so.)
After my shower I dry my hair but not complete, then I press 2 to 3 times in my hand and
just comb it out on my hair ends, why always my hair ends? Because I have healthy hair to
my roots, so I don’t need it for all the way.
My hair doesn’t feel so fluffy and helps with frizzy hair.

Love Deborah

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