Panglao Regents Park Resort, Panglao Island Philippines

During our stay in the Philippines we always stayed in a hotel.
we where always with 2, if we where with more I think we would have taken an apartment.


Our first hotel was in Panglao Island, Panglao Regents Park Resort.
This hotel has 2 buildings and 2 swimming pools, the 1 in the main building is a big one.
In the other building is a small pool and a reception.

This place is just right for the price and this is a 3* hotels.
The hotel has no breakfast included but that’s oke, there are cheap restaurants around the
Or if you wish you can always order breakfast, there is a restaurant in the main building.
Because we did some tourist attractions in the early morning we asked if it was possible to
have lunch to go, this was possible we just had to order affront what we wanted and pick it
up the next morning.
We had dinner there once and this was really good. you can tell by just looking at the menu
that this a respectable restaurant. We Loved it!
Staff was really friendly, it seemed they found it funny that we ordered cocktails around 4
On top of that, every night is happy hour.
There was hot water in the bathroom I was so happy. It sounds spoiled but I cannot stand
cold water.

9627857 5690-image

We found it a bit strange that the water has a bit salty.
We experienced 1 black out but they had a emergency generators.
So we didn’t experienced any inconvenient.

geejay-travel-log-panglao-regents-park-02 amazing-pool

Love Deborah

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