Oslob Whale Shark Watching Cebu Island, Philippines

While we where in the Philippines we did this awesome thing:
Snorkeling with sharks. Sounds pretty cool, no?
But to be clear we’re talking about  whale sharks here.

About the sharks
Whale sharks are harmless, slow-moving fish.
their diet mainly consist of tiny animals including zoo plankton, jelly fish, small bait fish,
squid and fish eggs.
while we were walking down the beach in Bohol (Panglao island), we saw all these
advertisement about whale sharks watching / snorkeling, so we looked it up and went to
several shops to compare prices and deals.

Tip: Always compare them if u want the best deals and prices. I think we could have done a
better job, but hey we tried.

Snorkeling time!
We where with 4 to go snorkeling.
We had to be at the meeting point around 6.30 am, then we had to go to a small port to get
to our banca (boat). From the port it was a 2 hours trip to Cebu. After that we had to go
with a tricycle, wich was already waiting for us, for a small half hour to the resort.
Once there.. I was a bit disappointed because there were lots of tourists. About 5 to 7 boats
at the same time.
First we had to gather around because there are some rules we had to follow, so for my
opinion this was well organised.
We all got life jackets and the guides bring you out to sea on their banca’s.
there is one guide who is feeding the whale sharks and while he feeds them, he goes
around all our boats.
once on our spot we get a ‘Go’ to dive in the water. People who just want to watch are
sitting in a different boat. We stayed in the water for 30 min and actually that’s enough.
20160304_064229  20160304_080815-1
It was amazing you could see them clearly and they swim right next to you.
we where not allowed to touch them. But I think, if you get a smack of their tail you will
get hurt.
there where divers swimming around as well.
It was a really cool view.
dscn0086 dscn0117Local? = Discount!!
We had a good deal we got a discount because  2 of the 4 people snorkeling are local people
so we got a discount of  500 php per person for the 2.

Just to be clear you can only do this in the morning, as they are closed after 2 pm.
these big giants are not promised to be visible. It depends from season to season. But
around summer time you’re chances are bigger.

dscn0095 dscn0116Love Deborah

ps: sorry for the unclear picture, we then had no underwater camera yet..
Just a simple under – water camera

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