Bohol Philippines Countryside Tour

Last march 2016 I was in the Philippines and we visited 2 Islands, Bohol and Boracay.
In This Blog I’ll tell you more about the Island Bohol

Chocolat Hils.
Bohol is know for there famous Chocolate Hills,
they are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season.
Besides the mysterious hills, Bohol has a lot to offer. U can do countryside tours but on the
southwest  side there is a small island called Panglao island, they are connected true 2


Countryside tour
Panglao Island is famous for there white beach and clear water,
U can do all kind of water attractions here, snorkeling, island hopping kite surfing, diving etc..
while walking down the beach we decided that we wanted to do a countryside tour.You
should always go in couple shops and look it up online for the best price and deals.
Prices can change during season, sadly for me March is high season
We took a private driver that would take us to the places we wanted to see, the good thing
about this deal was that we did not have to do everything on the list. For an example we
where not interested to go to a souvenir shop.
If traffic wasn’t so busy in some area’s I think we would have rented our own car.

20160303_153949 facebook_1479676060551

Tarsier primate.
First stop we did was the tarsier primate sanctuary, also know as ‘ghost monkey’.
Philippines tarsier are one of the smallest primate, there shy nocturnal animals that leads
a hidden life, during the day it sleeps in dark places close to the ground.
they are small and cute if it wasn’t for the tourguide, I think wouldn’t have found them.


Ps. pls help these little guys they are almost extinct!

The hils and old hanging bridge.
Next stop: The most famous tourist attraction Chocolate Hills.
The hills turn brown during the dry season, its hard to believe that this is natural and not
man made.
The top is steep to reach but once up you will have an amazing view.
If u have time u can go do some out door activities, u can do a dead ride or even atv (we call
them quads) ride true the hills.
On the way for our lunch we stopped by a hanging bridge.
Its just 2 hanging bridges made of bamboo, it doesn’t look strong but it is.
I just think its kind of sad that u have to pay to get on a bridge that is probably longer there
then we know.

20160302_104640 20160302_120140 20160302_120237

All in buffet for 4 people pleas.
After the hanging bridge  we had lunch at the Loboc River Cruise.
We enjoyed this a lot. The river cruise is a floating boat restaurant with an all u
can eat buffet.
My first thought was, this is not going to be enough but they had plenty food
ready to be served in the back.
this was a nice chill cruise, along the way we had a small stop where they
showed us 2 traditional dances. It was adorable.

20160302_130858 20160302_124651 20161121_175126

Prony the second.
After that we stuffed our faces 🙂 we head on to the next stop.
We visited prony II the python. The python is one of the biggest kept in captivity but this
is not official.
prony the first died sadly but the family wants her to be preserved an exhibited at her den.
The snake is located in a mini zoo, you can find animals like wild cats birds and other
You can take pictures with them or just touche them. Its nothing spectacular but we had a good laugh.


Quick butterfly stop
Our second last stop was the butterfly garden.
we did this quick, why? My boyfriend and I didn’t really want to see it but my cousins who
joined us on our trip to Bohol did. And Actually it was oke, our guide was super funny and
we learned a thing or 2. compliments to them!

fb_img_1479754527928 fb_img_1479754543256

Blood compact.
Then our final stop, Blood compact.
A bit Filipino history with a view.
The Sandugo was a blood compact, performed in Bohol between the Spanish explorer
Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna the chieftain of Bohol on march 16 1565, to seal
their friendship as part of the tribal tradition.
Behind it you had a beautiful view of Panglao Island connecting to Bohol.


Be aware that march is a peek season in the Philippines that means that some tourist trips
are a bit pricey. But do enjoy them these are nice ways to see a lot of the island and if you
are lucky the driver stops or tell you some other places you should go that are not that

Love Deborah


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