Beautiful island Bohol Philippines

Bohol is the 10th largest Island in the Philippines.
It’s famous for his chocolate hills and the small islands that are connected by 2 bridges.
We stayed on Panglao Island, because we didn’t know that this was a separate island.
We thought that this was 1 Island.


Beach fun
We stayed 5 min from Alona beach.
Because of its white sand and clear water this the most popular tourist spot.
This is the perfect place to rest, enjoy the beach and discovering the beautiful underwater life while snorkelling

20160301_145614 fb_img_1479428917766 20160301_145618

Over the years Bohol has become more famous for tourists, especially the beach.
This place has become more crowded due to opening of more restaurants and bars.
The location became more expensive due to the upcoming tourists.
The bars are not closed until 2 am, so perfect to enjoy cocktails and local drinks.
It was happy hour, so we ordered our last cocktail around 11.30 pm.
This was the last round at the bar but you can still stay and listen music until 2 am.


Exploring Bohol
Bohol has a lot to offer, from scuba diving, to island hopping and beautiful country tours.
We stayed here 5 nights, sadly too short for us!
This island has so much to offer.
We mixed pleasure and beach time, day by day.
So perfect balance between rest and activities.
Made me not want to leave this place anymore!


A hotel thx to TripAdvisor
We stayed in hotel, Panglao Regent Park.

We found it through TripAdvisor.
Cheap with an expensive view, so perfect deal for us.
The place has 2 pools, Wi-Fi and a gym.
No breakfast included but that’s oke.
Restaurants are just around the corner for a cheap price.

Love Debo



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